The British International School of Houston offers Dutch Language and Culture (NTC) education to children who speak Dutch as their mother tongue between the ages of 3 and 16. In addition, support is provided for students who have chosen Dutch as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

Early Years/Year 1

A Dutch language enrichment program is offered for our pre-schoolers (Early Year/Year 1), in which the Dutch teacher works with the children twice a week during the regular class schedule. The methods used for these groups are ‘De Kleuteruniversiteit and Veilig leren lezen‘. The children also play educational games and do craft projects with various themes.

Year 2/Year 9

The children from Y2 to Y9 receive 2 to 3 hours of Dutch lessons per week from a qualified teacher before and after school. They use the language teaching method and Nieuwsbegrip amongst teaching material. Attention is also paid to educational games such as practicing via Squla, Wordwall, Blooket and Woordkasteel.

Year 10/Year 11

For secondary school students in Y10/Y11 (year 3 and 4 of secondary education), Dutch is an optional subject within the so-called enrichment program at BIS Houston. They are taught three hours a week. For secondary education we use the Nieuw Nederlands teaching method. In two years, we also work towards a CNaVT (Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language) exam at B1 or B2 level. Passing the B2 exam gives the students access to most Dutch and Belgian colleges and universities.

Year 12/Year 13

During their IB study in Y12/Y13 (year 5 and 6 of secondary education), students can choose to study IB Dutch as part of their curriculum. The IB exam Dutch Language a literature can be taken at Standard Level (SL) by means of self-study via the Wereldschool. Upon passing the Dutch exam, these students have a bilingual IB diploma (English and Dutch). The student’s official IB diploma will then receive a special note that the student has been trained bilingual; a valuable mention!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to the board of NTC. For more information about BIS Houston, please visit their website. 

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